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Surfaces should be wiped down with any popular household cleaner and a wet sponge. Be sure not to over apply the cleaner as it just makes more material that must be rinsed off. Rinse/wipe with a sponge and clean water. Remove spots from spills as they occur. For more aggressive cleaning we recommend a FINE (white) Scotch Brite® pad.



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Cleaners that contain pine oil. These products can leave behind a residue. The pine oil attracts and holds dirt on the surface, eventually reducing the cleanliness of the surface and its appearance. DO NOT use caustic cleaners such as Drano® or Liquid Plumber®.



Abrasive scrub/cleaners containing either soft or hard abrasive particles: The abrasives will not harm the
finish but if the surface is not completely rinsed, a powder residue will remain dulling the appearance of the surface, especially on dark colors. You may use these products without fear of damaging the beautiful polished finish, just be sure to rinse well to remove any powder that may dull the look of the surface.  Bleach itself will not harm Engineered Stone. However, if there are residues from other cleaners or oil on the surface, it is possible that the bleach could stain the residue and leave an apparent "stain". Because Engineered Stone is chemical, stain and scratch resistant; the focus of spot removal is to find the most effective cleaner or solvent that will remove the spot.


Advanced resin system and composite stone technology makes Engineered Stone extremely resistant to chemicals. Formula 409 or similar cleaners may be used to work on unusual spots or spills. The few chemicals that may damage the surface are generally heavy-duty industrial solvents that must be in contact with the surface for an extended period of time (1-7 days).  Therefore, the following chemicals and products may be used on occasion to remove special spots or spills:  Rubbing alcohol, acetone, lacquer thinner, mineral spirits, paint thinner, nail polish remover, or hydrogen peroxide 3-10%. While the use of these products is safe with regard to its use on the counters, you must exercise proper informed care about the safe handling and storing of any products or chemical used.



Gum, Paint, Nail Polish, Grease, Dried Raisins, etc.

It is sometimes useful to start by scraping spot material.  A sharp razor maybe used. Engineered Stone is much harder than the steel blade; so excessive scrapping of a blade on the surface may abrade the blade and leave a gray mark on the surface. Such a mark can usually be removed with a green scrub pad.


Magic Marker, Coffee, Makeup, and Food.

Apply selected cleaner solvent by wiping, or where appropriate, by soaking with a paper towel for 3-10 minutes. Scrubbing after soaking can sometimes be more effective. Rinse with water or solvent one or more times.