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Natural Stone

Granite is an igneous rock that is slowly formed over time with heat and pressure, causing crystallization of molten rock.  Granite is popular due to an abundance of color choices and its hardness.  Granite adds elegance to any space.  Because of its porous surface, granite requires care and maintenance to ensure its beauty for many years to come.


Natural Stone

Marble is a metaphoric rock consisting of limestone or calcite.  With its classic beauty and ability to be polished to a high shine, marble has been used for centuries in statues and architecture. Due to the nature of marble, special care and maintenance is required to keep it beautiful.


Natural Stone

Quartzite is a natural stone that favors marble but with the durability of granite.  Quartzite is a metaphoric rock made up almost entirely of mineral quartz.  It begins as grains of quartz, similar to grains of sand. Over time, the sand becomes compressed, and with enough heat and pressure, will fuse together, forming a dense rock.  Most quartzite is light in color. Quartzite also requires care to maintain its integrity.


Engineered Stone

Quartz is a man-made stone comprised of crushed natural quartz and resin.  The main benefits of quartz are its durability and because it does not require sealant.  The resin allows the stone to be sealed throughout.  Quartz has gained in popularity and now is offered by many different manufacturers and in a large array of beautiful colors and patterns.


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